Monese replacement card

Has anyone here with a Monese account had an email asking them to “confirm their address” for a replacement card ?

It looks like a scam, but if so, it’s a persistent one.

All legit. They are starting with the Euro cards first. My virtual changed today and physical is on its way.

But not a peep on their blog or Twitter. I would assume its a change of supplier as the BIN seems to have changed.

I only have a GBP card - it was only received a month or so ago…

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I got the same and when I opened the app it immediately prompted me to order a new Euro card.

I haven’t received anything telling me to take any action for my GBP card though. Perhaps that is to follow.

I followed the instructions, but it gave me no option to confirm the address/number/email, just a chance to update it. So I “updated” it with the same details and they emailed me (again) 2 weeks later to “confirm” my address


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It gave me an option to confirm my existing address - which isn’t quite formatted right but is as close as I can get the system to accept, and is just about OK as cards do seem to arrive!

They may have tweaked the system since you went through the process; I only did yesterday evening.

Just wanted to slide an entirely unrelated point into the thread and say: I really enjoy how Monese a) let you live without a physical card

And b) have separate card details for EUR/GBP/RON

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I really like them to encode the Euro card with an EU country’s BIN code to further help avoid DCC.

Technically, it shouldn’t happen anyway on a currency-loaded prepaid card like Monese - but I believe I have heard of merchants floating them rule.

An EU BIN code would totally stop it though, and make it appear as a “local” card in EU countries.

I had the same issue. I just removed the county part of my address. A bit amateur all round on this.

The EUR card works without the DCC prompt at Euro terminals. It’s my favourite feature of the entire product offering. That and 20% discounts at ASDA/ Sainsbury’s.


Yes, I know it does (and it should do as per Mastercard rules because it’s a prepaid re-loadable currency card) but the country still presents as UK based on the BIN. This means a poorly configured terminal could read that and “assume” GBP even though it isn’t supposed to.

Whereas an EU BIN would remove that potential issue completely.

It’s a bit like the problems with IBAN discrimination. SEPA rules ban discrimination based on country code, but it still sometimes happens anyway. Therefore, it’s quite useful to have access to a Fineco or Wise Euro account, as they use “proper” EU country-codes in their IBANs. The GB code that Starling, for example, uses should be just as good as the UK is still a SEPA member - but in reality sometimes it won’t be accepted or banks will try to charge extra fees for making a transfer to “outside of the EEA” even though it’s within the SEPA zone and processed the same as a transfer to any EU or EEA SEPA member.

The new EUR cards have a new BIN starts 537382. Seems pretty fresh and not coming up on any public tools for me.

Interesting, it may even be an EU BIN then!

How to get? :melting_face:

There are periodic discounts on buying gift cards for various retailers, I think.

Useful if you were going to spend money there anyway!

Yes but I mean like, where would they appear?

You get an app notification which leads to a message with a load of offer codes. Entering them gives you the option to exchange however much of your balance for a voucher.

You’ve got to be really quick, they sell out in minutes.


I got the email but the promo section had nothing - must have sold out…

Yes, probably.

I’ve been aware of them but have never managed to buy any either.

You pretty much have to buy within an hour or so, or they’re gone