Monzo Android app teardowns

Anyone interested in seeing them here?

I used to post them on the Monzo forum, then handed the duties to @ordog, but not sure if he’s on here and he can’t post on the Monzo forum right now.

If there’s interest, I can post a quick summary of the changes here, with an external link to the details (posting the full details on the forum was the time-consuming part, so (a) I can accelerate this by posting externally (b) it won’t clog up this forum)

There are some juicy bits in the new v3.83.0 …


For the laymen (and women :slight_smile: )amongst us could you explain what you explain what you mean by Android teardown ?


I am! Really enjoyed this thread on the Monzo Forum!


An Android app can be ‘decompiled’ (the overall app extracted into it’s individual core parts) and the core parts from the previous version can be compared with the core parts of the newer version. This comparison shows changes (additions and removals) between the app versions, which usually reveals new features that are in the new version - or - that will be introduced at some point in the future.

Some features are ‘instant’ when the app is updated to the new version and some require Monzo to switch them on. But it’s a good indicator of what’s coming next.

Some of them are incredibly boring and some are :eyes:


Ooo I have never seen this. Definitely that will be an interesting read!


I’d be interested in seeing this. I’m on iOS and not very technical but it sounds interesting nonetheless


Monzo app version 3.83.0 (compared to v3.82.0):

  • Closed Pots become Archived Pots
  • National ID now accepted for onboarding
  • Wise accounts can be connected
  • ‘Guaranteed exchange rates’
  • Casting & MEDIA CONTROLLER feature :eyes:
  • Minor tweaks to Pots text
  • Scheduled payments - for pots?
  • New assets (images/graphics) for Media Controller and Collapsing and Expanding Groups :eyes: (could this be to expand/collapse multiple future payments which take up space at the top of the feed? Hope so!)

:spider_web: External link to full details :spider_web:

I haven’t yet discovered any of the above features in-app yet, which mean they may need switching on by Monzo.


There’s a lot of Light/Dark labelled assets there which has me excited!

Did you manage to automate your process now? So glad this thread lives on!


Yeah, I can extract & compare with macros almost fully auto. But posting on the forum with formatting was painful. Simply dumping the comparison results into a HEY World blog post is much easier & quicker. Plus it won’t create massive posts on this forum.

Dark Mode :soon:


Yes please would love this posted @davidwalton loved this on the Monzo forums.


I always enjoyed reading your posts about this on the Monzo forum, even though I’m an iOS user, as it gives us a tantalising glimpse into upcoming features (which end up on both platforms anyway).

It’s great that you’ve decided to post them here, I hope you continue to do so!


Thanks for asking (saved me doing it :relieved:).


Ooooo right in the feels - gone for a few days and you’ve took my job! :broken_heart:

Haha I’m kidding of course, awesome job and why wouldn’t it be. You’re the one who taught me how to do it all!

This is really bizarre and something I never saw coming. Looking at the strings, why would you want to cast to screens, play, pause and control the volume of media in a bank app… :confused:


Help videos maybe? To teach folk how to use the features.

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I thought this at first but then I wondered if it was actually functionality to inhibit casting to protect your financial data?

Either that, or what @N26throwaway said!

Maybe they have changed the “we’re closing your account” page with a video of a convoy of police cars pulling up to your gaff :upside_down_face::roll_eyes::upside_down_face:


Yeah that makes sense. All those buttons and casting etc are likely bundled with the media player they’ve chosen.

“Use the force, Luke”

Good to see you here @Ordog - wasn’t sure if you’d be here or not and 3.83.0 was an eyebrow raiser for sure :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I asked if peeps were interested and there is interest in seeing the teardowns here too, so go ahead and post future teardowns please! (pester-mode is still active :wink: )

I’ve got just the badge for that :rofl:

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I’m not sure how best to do this on here to avoid having to do all the work twice…

I’ve just done my weekly teardown on the Monzo community here but I can summarise.

Looks like work has begun on a creditpot! :tada: Not much more detail other than this but I’m sure we will know more in the coming weeks as work progresses.