Monzo mini-makeover

Come across this on LinkedIn. If you thought their cards were bright, apparently their logo can be brighter :sweat_smile:


I like it!

The green on the logo stands out a bit too much though. Very vibrant.


I’ve just seen a Monzo advert on YouTube - it has an AI style female voice narrating about infinite opportunities with a jingle in the background. It seems very low fi/budget…don’t they have a big marketing backing? Seems worlds away from the stuff Revolut are putting out at the moment.

They’re probably trying to appeal to the TikTok crowd.

Where are Revolut currently advertising?

Television, streaming/catch up, bus stops, stations, the tube…

Quite a big push.


Ah. I must have missed the TV stuff.

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It’s mainly focussed on kids cards, stocks & FX.

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Really? I haven’t seen a new Monzo advert in a while. Do you have a link?

Sadly not it came up when I was waiting to watch a YouTube video. No “bias” as some say is present on this forum but it just appeared a little low budget!

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Ah yes, I found one on their twitter feed.

I’d actually say it’s on point to a certain (TikTokrs) market actually. I don’t use it but it’s a style a lot of them follow, deliberately appearing to be low budget, cos that’s what get’s the likes, apparently.

I like Monzo, but stuff like that makes me even more glad I left recently for a “proper” bank

What makes a bank “proper”?

Sounds to me like the ad you saw was probably just them promoting one of their tiktok videos.

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Well, it will of course boil down to individual perception, but for me:

  • An app that doesn’t require you to pay to use it
  • Multi-device support, web & iPad
  • Being able to call if you actually need
  • Actual offers and savings rates in-house that are in some way competitive
  • Ability to handle cheques, while occasional it does still happen

Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-monzo, the opposite. But I’ll wager I’m not the only person who doesn’t consider monzo to be a proper bank, based on some, or none, of the criteria above.

I didn’t pick up any TikTok references - it was just talking about being good for travel - then again despite being of the demographic I don’t use TikTok and know little to nothing about it.

It’s the way you describe the voiceover and the jingle. The voice you describe sounds like it’s one of the tiktok voiceover voices, and add on the jingle and it screams tiktok video to me!

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