Monzo set for in-house overhaul

Do you have access to a non paywall version?

No, I don’t know how people get around it :sweat_smile:

It’ll be interesting to see what angle that write-up takes - overhaulling everything, overhaul to a specific section, overhaul to the gent’s bathroom?

And a snippet from the Monzo Careers page:


Also last time I checked they still don’t have a head of marketing

Who needs that when you have ‘hot coral’ cards :joy:


At least you found that funny.

I think the strapline gives it away:

plans to re-engineer the challenger bank’s lawyers

I suspect that the great “in-house overhaul” is a bit of an exaggeration - or at least only something that lawyers will appreciate…

It’s worked for them in recent years??

Given its a lawyer website it’s going to be something really dull and boring. Likely to just be an internal shake up, with a misleading headline to get the readership of the website to click the link.

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Yeah just going by the headline and snippet underneath I would have guessed that in the past they have mostly relied on contracting in external legal resource, whereas now they want their own in-house team?