More gym locker fraud

So going by what was said they are registering as you on the banking app on a different phone as they have your card and any OTP sent to your sim. Then viewing your pin.

Starling would be immune to them even registering on a new phone in the first place. Not sure how it works with other banks. Credit cards are clearly a different matter.

To view you pin with Barclaycard you only need a 5 digit pin you probably set up when you registered on the app and a Virgin money credit card only needs the three digit number on the back of the card. Well there’s your problem then :person_shrugging:

eSims will also help in preventing this fraud as they can’t take the sim and in one case they swapped a guy’s SIM with a PAYG SIM delaying him noticing anything was wrong.

If you have a normal SIM set a pin code. Most people don’t. Also change your settings so content in notifications is not shown until you unlock the phone.

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