Move it hack

This news may be worrying for many affected. I’m surprised Zellis have not as yet revealed the eight clients affected:

BBC News - MOVEit hack: BBC, BA and Boots among cyber attack victims

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Apparently many of these organisations haven’t even bothered to install the fix :person_shrugging:

Edit: Just realised my old employer used this software :rofl:

My employer, who shall remain anonymous, does use Zellis, however, we were informed yesterday that our company isn’t affected and a full explanation was forthcoming.

It’s a shame the Government hasn’t devised an alert system to help protect and prevent unauthorised use of National Insurance numbers in the same way as the Land Registry have an alert system to let homeowners know if someone is making enquiries into the Title Deeds of homes without explicit authorisation from the owner.

It’s the same with Companies House, an absolute disgrace that anyone can register a business at someone else’s property even when they have no association with the homeowner.

I’m afraid the Government just don’t do enough to help prevent fraud even when they’ve been shown the evidence.

More so, companies whose IT is so poor they won’t fix glaring holes in their systems thus allowing the sort of hack that has happened.

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