Movies - What you watching?

What :film_strip::film_projector::popcorn: have you been watching lately :thinking:

I’m planning on watching Tennet later and dependent on time Justice League: The Snyder Cut.

NowTV sent me an offer on my account for the Cinema package instead of £11.99 a month it’s £5.99 a month for the next 3 months. I’ll cancel it after the 3rd payments taken.

It’s been a while since I’ve watch a movie now so I’ll have plenty to watch on the service, make full use of these 3 months :sweat_smile:

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Tenet is a great film. I really enjoyed that.

Godzilla vs Kong was fun to watch. My favourite film of the year thus far, I think.

Rewatched Detective Pikachu recently, which I also love a lot. Live action Pokémon is a childhood dream come true!

I’m just about to start rewatching the Pirates of the Caribbean movies too. I must go through those at least twice a year. :sweat_smile:


I can’t seem to settle into a film lately, been watching more of the series on Netflix or Disney+

But, really looking forward to Black Widow when it finally comes out! Love a bit of Marvel!


I don’t think that’s quite made it to been available to watch yet, suspect before my 3 months is up, it’ll turn up. I nearly bought it to watch the other week but held off for now.

This week’s movies for me included

The Woman In The Window



Last week:



Mixed opinions on them. Some had better hype, imo, than the outcome.

Does that sound similar to the finale of Line Of Duty :thinking: :smiley:

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Ah, I just rented it on iTunes!

I’ve been doing that quite a bit. I’ve bought every Disney+ Premier access pass thus far too. More so to support the model of releasing movies this way than to see the movies themselves, although it’s nice not having to wait for up to a year for once.

How do other folks feel about films going straight to iTunes to rent for £20 at the same they premier in the cinema?

Personally, I’m loving it. It’s much better to be able to watch these at home. You can rewatch as many times as you want for 48 hours from the moment you first press play. The price is the equivalent of 3 cinema tickets. And although you don’t get the big screen experience, I have a fairly decent home theatre setup that I’m satisfied with.

Cinemas are great when they’re empty and there’s just a few people watching. But when they’re busy, other people can tarnish the experience with their poor etiquette.

Nope nope and nope, makes financial sense I suppose if you’ve got a big group watching it. For me it’s cheaper just to walk to the cinema and spend £4.50 for a ticket :sweat_smile:


Might of just talked myself into going to cinema to see the Kong film. I’ll see how stuffed I am after Sunday lunch :pig2:

It’s on all week at least so I’ve plenty time to go catch it. I’ve looked at seat bookings and even the showings for today are pretty empty so should be nice and peaceful

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We have a small independent cinema nearby which I’m more than happy to support. They do the midnight showings and are really friendly too. I love the atmosphere of the cinema for the big films (like the 6 hour run for Infinity War and Endgame).


Out of curiosity are they more upmarket? I’m trying to confirm the existence of really high-quality cinemas

Looking for stuff like table service, removal of rows, replacing them w/ sofas or something like that

They’re just a basic community based cinema, but they’re really accomodating (they do autism showings, and showings with subtitles for example).

It’s the oldest cinema in Wales and used to be council run, but the community took over. It’s the only cinema in our borough so it’s a bit of a treasure. But can call Michael Sheen one of their supporters

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AUTISM SHOWINGSSS??? I need this. What exactly do autism showings entail???


Marvelous initiative!

I got quite lucky back when I was living in England in that my friend worked at the Odeon, so whenever a new film was coming out that I was desperate to see at the Cinema, They would find the best date and time to accommodate me. Wednesday mornings and Thursday nights were often the best times to go IIRC.


I went to this cinema in Bristol and you had a massive comfy chair with a table beside you. They brought you drinks and everything.

Much nicer experience but don’t know if that still a thing.

Swindon I saw was also meant to be getting one where the oasis was,I believe. But I don’t think it’s happened

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I heard about an IMAX coming with the largest screen in the UK but yeah I have no idea if that’s still happening :thinking:

Our local independents do autism screenings, tends to usually be lights up somewhere, sound turned down etc etc

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Changed the movie selection to

Tremors: Shrieker Island

Loved the originals as a kid :sweat_smile:

I saw Fatherhood yesterday on Netflix starring Kevin Hart. Was sad but also had some funny moments too. Really enjoyed watching the film.