MSE: Bank service poll

I know these are a bit flakey, but thought it’s worth a share nonetheless…

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The ones you’d expect to be low are relatively low and the ones you’d expect to be high are relatively high, in general.

Co-op Bank does much better than in the IPSOS Mori survey, and so does RBS. Perhaps MSE voters are more accurate than those asked for the official survey - I always get the impression that many brands in that survey end up with unfairly low scores.

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Utterly meaningless, does my head in that these things exist.

The manner in which the question is posed is flawed too - it relies on the customer using one bank, when the MSE website itself encourages diversification. I myself have my wages paid in to Child & Co and that’s the debit card I carry, but most bills are paid from my Santander 1-2-3 Lite, and my excess balance lives in my Club Lloyds so if I need to access more than £100 that’s where I’d go to get it. I also have a handful of Halifax accounts which are used mainly for paying off credit cards each month. None of these are the account which I detail when signing up for credit products - which is the Natwest account I’ve had since I was a child.

I’ve had to deal with all of their customer services so I’m actually in a decent position to rate service, and yet I can’t.

For proof the whole thing is nonsense - RBS and NatWest are, to all intents and purposes, the same - same customer support, same app, same product range (save for any legacy stuff, which is a tiny amount of their overall book), and yet there is a 12% gap?

I can’t figure out a legitimate reason why Halifax’s service might be considered 9% worse than Lloyds either. They have different products but they use the same call centres, the app is the same… just nonsense IMHO.