Multi Currency Wallet - Brazilian Real

Does anyone know of a multi currency wallet provider which allows you to hold and spend the Brazilian currency?

Used to spending and budgeting in the native currency with Rev but not an option.

Alternative to use a standard fee free abroad - but if there was an option I’d go for it!

Any ideas?

Maybe Wise have it as a currency option?

It wouldn’t end up completely free-free with Wise, though, as you’d have to pay a small fee on the conversion from GBP to Brazillian Real.

Edit: Never mind, I’ve just checked and it’s not a supported currency at Wise either!

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Wise we’re my first thought! But no luck.

I think given the weekend rate at Revolut I’ll be better off using Dozens or another provider for free free!

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IIRC the BRL is extremely tightly regulated and particularly international transfers using BRL are close to impossible. I think you can forget about setting up a BRL wallet/account unless you are a Brazilian resident.

Just to illustrate the scale of the problem:


Thanks for the heads up! Wonder what card acceptance will be like generally.

I think it’s quite good, but some smaller retailers may only accept Elo (their domestic payment scheme).

Yeah, agreed: my understanding is that card acceptance is quite high in Brazil.

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Good good. A card that’s free free 7 days a week appears the best option.

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I’ve always used credit cards when travelling internationally. More recently I’ve been taking Starling or Revolut as backup and for the rare cash withdrawals, but my spend has always been on credit cards, especially abroad. Just so much easier than all the prepaid or currency cards. (Also because, if the card gets cloned or otherwise used for fraud you are in less rush to sort it out.) Halifax Clarity in my case, but there are other options too.

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Yeah I have a Royal Bank Credit Card which is fee free abroad. Definitely good for security.

WRT to Revolut if it’s in the week I can use a virtual card via Apple Pay and keep it frozen inbetween purchases?

Same goes for a physical one between cash withdrawals.

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