Nationwide 5% cashback at Supermarkets

Starts today until the end of April:


Easy £10 by nipping to a supermarket and buying a £200 gift card I suspect. Happy days.

Is it once per debit card or once per customer?

I don’t know. I’ve gone through the full terms and conditions three times and I can’t find any clarification on this point. Joint account holders can earn up to £10 each, so it might be £10 for each debit card, in which case you might be able to get it several times if you’ve got several FlexAccounts. Then again you might not.

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Let me look for my Debit card


Buy a Morrisons gift card with it and you’ll be able to use it for petrol.

So unless I’m reading this wrong, the offer ends this April?

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That’s the way I interpret it, yes :+1:

Seems a lot of hype for a less than 3 months promotion. :thinking:

(Unless you’ve already got a Nationwide account, of course).


Which I have :blush:

Not many that I haven’t tbf :rofl:


February’s cashback was in my account on 29 March.

Earlier than anticipated.

That’ll do nicely :smile:

The app now gives a timeline for when to expect the one for March and April

It gave a timeline for March already. 11 April.

Hence why I said “earlier than anticipated” :grin:

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We’ve just had our first tenner in cash back. It’s a bit gimmicky but money is money and we just see it as a reduction on the £13 account fee while it lasts.

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