Nationwide accounts

Well spotted :blush:

(Frankly I wasn’t going to bother anyway. These regular savers are only of use to those needing a way into saving).

Edit: My error - time limited, not regular saver.
(Don’t like them either :blush:)

Currently hold £1.17 in my FlexDirect account, and that’s only cos it was interest from a savings account I closed last week. Cba moving it :rofl::rofl:

Surely gotta make a purchase with it?

It’ll sit there till I spend on my credit card.

This isn’t a regular saver, it’s a current account which pays interest on cash balances.

Generally, yes.

But when interest rates are high enough I use regular savers to hold some of my already-built-up emergency savings (distributing my emergency savings across a main easy access account and a few regular savers in order to achieve higher interest income).

Each month I manually move a portion of money from from my easy access emergency savings account to my current account (2 min job), which then funds various regular savers automatically via standing order. When using to hold emergency savings cash, only makes sense if the regular savers are also easy access. But with the notable exception of HSBC group regular savers, many are.

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