Nationwide accounts

For those of you like me who are Nationwide customers, how do you get on with the iOS app?

I’ll be honest, it’s functional and will of course allow you to do the basic stuff you might need to do in the course of normal everyday banking, but it’s no where near in the same tech league as some of the other players.

I’ve been reading through some of the reviews in the Apple store, and there’s plenty of disappointment, but as with anything, there are also massive fans of the app, but I suspect that the customers who give huge endorsing reviews of the Nationwide app, haven’t used any of the fintech banking apps, so have no idea just how good a banking app should be.

Nationwide app developers occasionally do respond to poor reviews inviting customers to contact them directly via email, especially when a reviewer says ‘I’ve had enough and deleted the app’. Yeah, well, I tried that and I got zero response from the developers. I pointed out some basic stuff llike the app not working correctly with latest iOS platform updates or not working correctly with Apple watch. That’s been my bugbear lately, both iphone and watch on the latest iOS platform updates and the Nationwide app doesn’t work on the watch. I’ve deleted and reinstalled several times and still it won’t work. But just as it won’t work for me, I’ve seen rebuttals from users saying they don’t have any issues.

I just wish Nationwide would up their game tech wise. I’m a fan, but Nationwide still feels very 90’s to me.

Yes indeed. This, in a nutshell.

Truth is, so many are bought-into / financially committed or dependent upon Nationwide that they (we) cut them huge chunks of slack in the fintech department. But that’s ok. They don’t claim to be anything they’re not, in that sense.

The app works (and I’ve found you can pretty much avoid the card reader so long as you remember your pass number - except for new payee setup).

I won’t create a separate topic but I’ve just come out the other side of a horror story when I transferred a sizeable sum in as a cash ISA (they were just closing down a 0.75% offer I couldn’t refuse). The money left the old provider and landed squarely in my Flexdirect current account :scream:.

T’was the devil’s own job unpicking that - it took two weeks.

I was genuinely shocked. Probably a result of an overwhelming wave of applications. But nonetheless……:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I don’t get any visibility of credit card transactions or balance because I’m a second card holder on the joint account. My Wife gets access to all of that. But you’re right, it can take 'til next working day or sometimes even longer to update. The lack of instant notifications too is quite annoying for me now because I’ve got so used to Starling shoving them out with 3/10ths of a nano second on every transaction :laughing:

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There are many unhappy customers on the MSE forum who applied for that product, who are still waiting for transfers to go ahead.

I was really lucky in comparison as mine was transferred from an external provider to that fixed isa product within a fortnight :grin:


Definitely a sigh of relief now…


I generally tend to look after the finances but I’ve purposely made my Wife responsible entirely for her own personal finances. She used to have her wages paid into our former Lloyds joint account which of course I had full access to. I then convinced her to open a personal Starling account for her salary and for her own personal expenditure and now, quite rightly, I have zero visibility on her personal financial affairs. The Nationwide joint account is really a great compromise for us both because we both transfer a set amount each month into it and we can both view what household expenditure is going out.

So as for the Nationwide credit card side of things, she obviously has full access and ultimate control over it and can view it in app. I probably to be fair, could lose myself off the credit card completely, indeed, I’m no longer sure why I even have the card in my wallet.

Well I can’t just make this up. So I decided to once again have ago at seeing whether I could actually get the Nationwide app to work with my apple watch. It used to work, but as I said previously, it stopped working a couple of iOS platform updates ago.

So I deleted the Nationwide app from my iphone which of course also deletes the app from the watch. Fine. I reboot both iphone and watch and download the Nationwide app and go fanny about with the card reader and debit card and guess what? I’ve lost all access to the app :roll_eyes: Keeps coming up with a technical error message.

I’m thinking maybe it’s time now to cut loose and switch the joint account to RBS.

EDIT: Ok, after a significant amount of faff which involved me contacting Nationwide via telephone banking and explaining all of the issues I’ve had not being able to log back into the iOS app, the watch issue and being unable to log into the web portal, Nationwide told me my access had been locked. Their solution was for me to completely re-register my device. I carried out the instructions and hey presto! it all works again, including apple watch sync.

Unfortunately, internet portal isn’t working for me. I’ve tried re-registering, but it isn’t having it.

I agree Johnny. I’ve just had a bit of a crap morning if I’m honest with the Nationwide app. I genuinely haven’t had any issues with the RBS, Lloyds or Starling apps.

Having to do the whole re-register thing was just nuts in my opinion, but at least the apple watch app now syncs and works.


:thinking: the app is a great ‘basic’ banking app.

I only ever pay to existing payees.
At times I do just see a blank screen which is frustrating.

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But you have to create the payee before they can become an existing one :man_shrugging::joy:

That’s what they online banking is for!

The app hasn’t improved greatly in last 6 years really.

Still need card reader online.

For those account holders that haven’t noticed, Nationwide latest iOS update was released yesterday, v:16.0.4

Yep - grabbed it. Anything leap out ?

Ahhh, struggling to find anything new. The release notes are as usual, not helpful.

Android one just side minor bug fixes :man_shrugging:

It looks like the manage cards view has changed.

It used to be a simple scrollable list, now it’s a sideways-swipe list where each card/account gets it’s own page, a bit like the Lloyds group.

I got a splash screen about it on launch.

I’ve not yet checked to see if it still works with my Apple Watch. That’s where I had all of my problems the last couple of updates. The only way to solve it, was to re-register for mobile banking. Pretty crap from Nationwide I thought.

I think I preferred the scrollable list

I know, me too!

The new layout makes it harder to accidentally toggle something, but more difficult to toggle all your cards at once.

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