Nationwide Instant Alerts

Hello! Does anyone know when Nationwide will start to offer instant notifications / alerts on debit and credit card spend?

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I suspect that only Nationwide knows the answer to that.


Please forgive me if I come across as curt, but I’m puzzled why you would ask the question on this forum? You’d be better off Twittering Nationwide and seeking the answer directly from the horses gob so to speak, though make sure it isn’t a black horse because that will mean your’re talking to the wrong bank.

Seriously though, compared to the likes of Starling as an example, Nationwide ain’t exactly cutting edge in the banking tech world, so you could actually be flogging a dead horse on that front.

It’s reasonable to think that the users of a forum such as this might have read the latest news on up-and-coming banking app features!

From what I’ve read, I wouldn’t expect this any time soon.


They have an Apple Watch app! That’s pretty cutting edge in my book! Their iPad app is one of the few that’s actually been optimised and tailored for the larger display instead of just being a blown up iPhone app too.

That is to say they do a better job than most on the tech side thing of things, even outdoing the so called fintechs in these regards (except Revolut).

Although the ability to build a good front end isn’t held back by antiquated back end systems, so these are much easier to do than adding functionality like instant notifications.

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They are a strange mix of quite a lot of effort on the front-end and a clearly terrible mix of poor systems on the back-end.

I have no idea why they haven’t added a feature such as in-app cheque imaging, when they must already have all the support to process those images on the back-end anyway, but something like push notifications is probably because their systems can’t work in a fashion that is real-time enough to support it.

Their app does request push notification permissions from the system (on iOS) but I think this is to enable support chat and, possibly, prompts for 3D Secure. I haven’t seen anything about notifications for transactions mentioned anywhere and, as others have said, I wouldn’t bet on it coming soon.

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