Nationwide take over Virgin Money

Didn’t see that coming! Hopefully Nationwide take the opportunity to improve their digital experience using their newly acquired systems.

For some Yorkshire Bank customers this will be the 4th brand they’ll have been through in a decade - Yorkshire Bank → B → Virgin Money → Nationwide

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I’m still on ye olde Virgin Essentials i.e. Northern Rock current account.

So Nationwide taking over Virgin. Coventry probably taking over co-op. Who will Yorkshire takeover?

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TSB is the obvious candidate if they’re up for such a thing.

Crazy how the mutuals are now the hunter rather than the hunted…

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Oh dear. Well, just last month I closed a FlexPlus account and opened a Virgin Club M account. :joy:


Maybe next year you’ll have a FlexClub M account :grin:

It’ll be interesting to see how those two products are harmonised. Neither is objectively better than the other, they both have strongpoints.

I don’t think it takes Einstein to assume that Nationwide will take whatever is the worst terms and conditions of the 2 different group accounts and use those.

That’s very cynical of you. It also wouldn’t match either Virgin Money or Nationwide’s ambition with these packaged accounts; both are generous in different respects.

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I’m a cynical kinda guy. Most finance products are going down in value presently. I can’t imagine Nationwide are doing this for any other reason than to make money

Totally. Back in the day they had Halifax, A&L and Abbey National snapping at their heels. Not anymore.

Compare Nationwide’s cherished FlexAccount with VMs M Plus account to see which one offers free overseas usage, an overdraft rate of 19.9% APR and 2% credit interest.

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One presumes they make money from FlexPlus as it stands though.

But soon they could have Coventry/Co-op, maybe Yorkshire/TSB and Sainsbury/somebody. Back in the day Coventry, co-op along with Chelsea and Norwich & Peterborough (both now part of Yorkshire) all had decent offerings.

And let’s not forget Woolwich Openplan (now part of Barclays) which was similar to Chase in some ways.