NatWest Housemates App Beta

Is anyone else on here using the above beta app?

I’d like to, but they don’t seem to be taking any more beta signups. Hopefully it’ll launch soon as it could replace the current shared tab I have going


If it’s anything like any other of the apps they have. An ice age will literally come and go whilst the app opens. Or at least it’ll feel like that.


There are quite a few bugs at the moment and don’t allow linking to starling at the moment but do for Monzo and Revolut

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The info on the web isn’t clear – is it only for “housemates” or can a couple also use it to manage day to day spending? I assume yes, but thought I’d ask!

Also, does it allow you to add/split custom transactions, or does it only work with transactions from a connected account? If the latter, does it allow credit cards?

No you can add any manual transactions you want plus any from a connected account


Housemate has launched!