New Features - Survey

Logged into the online banking today and was asked to carry out a survey on things like, how much I’d be willing to pay for new business features.

In particular:

  • Expense cards for employees (with app access). I presume this would be similar to Kite

  • Bulk payments

  • Additional GBP accounts (although I thought this was already an option with Starling Business)

I’m sure there was at least 1 more option, but I can’t recall it.


Would you pay for bulk payments? I’d probably want those for free

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Tide already has this, so no surprise that they are looking to offer it too.

I think something similar to Kite is likely, with each employee being able to see their own transactions only.

Makes sense - they’ve got the tech in place now, it’s just the case of tweaking it to make it work for a different use case.

I think it’s a good idea, but not sure of the cost element. I guess, watch this space :man_shrugging:

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It’s chargeable at Tide, so I would expect Starling to charge for it really.

It’s not a basic feature everyone would need, so it makes sense to charge for it.

It would also be consistent with Starling’s overall strategy, of making additional services chargeable to cross-subsidise keeping basic services free, to charge for this.


That makes sense then. Would be a nice little add-on with the app too


Expense cards would be very easy for Starling to implement. They already have the tech ready to go with the Kite card. All it would need is a different name adding as the functionality could stay the same.

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