New Marcus bonus rate

Marcus has a new bonus rate for those who want to grab it.

0.4% plus 0.10% bonus

It’s available on the site (not on the app)


Thank you!

I did open & close an account with them before. Do you think this would affect me applying again?

Lock money away for 0.50%?

Careful of the stampede :man_facepalming::joy:

It’s easy access (almost instant) so not locked away. I use it for short term savings goals


As has been said, you get 0.50% instant access but it’s only 0.40% for a one-year fix!


I don’t know if anyone else uses Hargreaves Lansdown but through their active savings service you can get 0.50% with charter savings bank.

I just use chip for savings though as it’s 1.25% minus the fee.

Same here - it’s about 1.06% after the fee for the maximum £10,000.

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The quoted rate is for existing customers. With Marcus (and probably others) it’s worth leaving a 1p in the account to capture any preferential rates that come along in the future.

Edit: :point_up:t3: not so, it appears. No restriction - the rate is good for all-comers, it seems.

I don’t see why not.

Front page of their website shows the account available to new savers at 0.50%, with the bonus rate mentioned as included, in the smaller text beneath it.

My mistake :flushed:. There doesn’t seem to be any bonus for existing customers, so feel free…:blush:

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There is, but you need to log in to your account and Renew bonus

I did it yesterday after reading about it on forums.

Mine is now 0.50% (0.40% variable + 0.10% fixed until 29 June 2022)

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Sorry, I mean a rate that’s preferential and rewards loyalty.


I don’t think there should be in all honesty. I hate systems like that. Likewise I hate when companies only reward new customers too.

I’d much rather both sets get the same best deal. I think that’s the fairest thing to do.

I don’t disagree.


I also like it when companies offer non-penalising offers for customers unable to pay upfront, like Zurich who no longer charge people interest to pay monthly by direct debit


It means I get a massive £2 extra a month interest on my savings. Woo, and indeed hoo.

I logged in yesterday when I got the email. No idea why you had to log into your account on a laptop/PC, but did it anyway.


I had not received the email before I renewed.

Learned about it on forums.

No app on android :man_shrugging:

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Yep, and don’t forget that if you’ve got the 0.1% bonus, you can renew that at the moment for another 12 months :slight_smile: