New, Niche Account to try

Hello all -

I’ve been with many of the fintech’s & after a period of testers fatigue am ready to give something new a try.

I have a couple of Direct Debits I may need to move to another account & wondered if anyone could think of many niche places to set up the instruction/to give a whirl?

I’ve been with Chase, Monese, Monzo, Starling and I’m still with Revolut & Dozens.

Off the top of my head, Wise are the only ones I can think of that I’ve not tried but there must be more?

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There are loads of weird fintechs which will probably never take off but I don’t think many support direct debits


:joy: beautifully put

Yes - and what I’ve noticed is that in the e-money space it varies from fintech to fees for those with insolvency very quickly!

Perhaps Dozens are the smallest choice with a DD function? (Monese are a bigger fish I believe?)


Frost is next on my list. Nice card with a unique design.

Have they actually launched yet ? Financial vapourware at its worst, with a completely opaque charging structure.

Nice looking card is probably about it.

Frost charge £4.99 to cover the cost of issuing a physical card if a customer wants one.

I never mind this too much - I’ve had to pay for petrol & parking to hand in forms & ID when opening legacy accounts in the past