New payment screen

Starling have changed the payment screen on Android to make it look more like the new Space funds transfer screen.

A backward step IMHO is that it no longer uses your last used reference as a default. You have to enter a reference or select a previously used one each time. I find this quite irritating as I have a number of accounts set up with a single reference that will never change, e.g. credit card payment accounts.


Just checked mine and it involves simply tapping on the reference number associated with my building society account, instead of auto fill, however, seems easy enough tbh.

Wouldn’t payment to a credit card be the same?

It only seems to offer references previously used with that particular payee, so not presented with reams of reference numbers previously used across my payees or payee accounts.

On iOS it’s showing upcoming payments now on the payee screen if you have a standing order set up.

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Same on Android

Yes, that’s how it works and it is easy enough. But it’s always defaulted to the last reference used, so you didn’t have to click on any reference at all unless you wanted to use a different one. I’m just not sure why they’ve dropped that - they could have implemented the new layout whilst keeping that feature.


I’m sure iOS used to default but hasn’t for a long time now

Yeh, it’s been like that on iOS for a while now. When I raised it with them, they said that when auto-filling the last reference used, too many payments were sent with the wrong reference. So they changed it to force you to manually set the reference instead.


At least that explains it was a conscious decision and not an oversight! Thanks :+1:t2:

Thanks for the reason why.