Next joint account?

Just thinking of moving our Joint account from HSBC (acting now after the recent online outage, but more of a longer-term “meh” about their account).

These are the main things I’m after:

  • DD & SOs (basic!)
  • Upcoming notification of DD payments (e.g. Monzo used to show this a day or 3 before the DD was due, and also a notification on the phone screen of upcoming outgoing payments)
  • Upcoming notification of SO payments (if possible, i think Monzo also did this?)
  • In-app cheque imaging
  • No requirement to also have a personal account, to have a joint account (assume Monzo still require a personal account to have a joint?)
  • Savings account option would be nice, not essential (with a good rate!)

I don’t use the Joint account for paying people, ad-hoc bills, etc - just for regular monthly bills via DD/SO.

I used to be with Monzo, and the main thing i miss is the upcoming notifications - HSBC does show this for DDs in-app, but there’s no notifications for this.

I could go back to Monzo (still have a personal account with them, and i think chq imaging is coming).
Would prefer not to try Starling, as I have a business account with them and don’t want to mix personal & business.

I was considering Lloyds ? I think they provide what I’m after ?

Thanks for any advice. :slight_smile:

Lloyds seems right for what you are looking for but the upcoming DD notification is based on the last payment to that merchant, if it is a variable DD the figure you will see will not be accurate.
They give you notice of upcoming standing orders too.
Cheque imaging works fine.
You do not need a personal account to get a joint one and you can open this in app with the other person next to you. Branch visit no longer required for a joint account.

Okay, Really! Think this is a dealbreaker for me - I’m looking for upcoming notifications for DDs based on the current figure, not the last month’s figure, e.g. credit card bill.

Guess I could be heading back to Monzo …

Not if you closed it or at least it’s very hit and miss reopening with Monzo.

I think I’m okay - I now have the option in-app to open a joint account. Previously this wasn’t available. :crossed_fingers:

Our joint account is with Revolut. It has DD set up notifications as well as reminders. We were already using the single accounts for the joint bill (better than the Monzo shared tab) so it made sense to close down our other joint account and hop over!

People using Revolut as their main bank account are way braver than me :grin:

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I used to, my partner does & tbh doesn’t really give it any thought whatsoever. I suppose the joint one is important too. If moved my salary back it would probably make the experience even more seamless, but I prefer to get the benefits of one high st account that rewards you for being paid in there. I did get Revolut Metal back recently, pays for itself. They are on Standard so swings & roundabouts.

With Curve dropping the insurance, I’m thinking of Revolut metal myself as it looks like it would pay for itself. Wouldn’t be using it as a main account as I have visions of it going like Wirecard.

Not sure about Revolut for a joint account ?!

I do have a Revolut personal account, but no cheque deposit in app, no CASS. don’t think I’ll be moving my joint a/c to them.

This is a fair point. I moved my x3 direct debits over manually as for me the effort was worth it as now my household expenses are all handled from one place, so it’s effort saved long term. But a lack of CASS is an issue for Revolut generally, but I still use them a lot as for me no one competes as a digital banking offering.

As for cheques, I get one a year most probably!

Yes it’s cheaper than one two weekly trips insurance to anywhere outside the EU for my household, it’s caused me to drop my Proton VPN sub and its face value is cheaper than an FT sub. It enables me to go to ad hoc gym sessions as well.

As for Wirecard, you can just put funds in an FSCS protected vault and move it back over should you wish. I don’t really keep sufficient funds in current accounts to be concerned about that sort of thing.

Completely ignoring what you’ve said, we’ve got a Starling joint account and honestly it’s just the best we’ve ever used for ease of use.

I know what you mean about upcoming payments etc, I don’t know how I even existed before I had those!


Do you have to pay for the travel with Revolut for their insurance to apply?

No that’s just for the purchase protection/event cancellation style stuff

Edit: and the trip cancellation for whatever reason which is on ultra - but that’s not the same as the insurance which predates that

Does that apply for the CDW too? I.e. would I be covered for that if I hired the car on a different card?

Suppose it depends if the insurance is actually standalone or tied to the card.

As far as I know but might be worth asking them - they’re usually fine on this kind of thing

Must have a read over the policies over Christmas. It does look like it would work out effectively free if you use even a couple of the things thrown in.

The insurance definitely covers general travel without needing to use that card. When we went to South America the quote was £200 so I just upgraded to Metal for £120. It now has even more of a valuable proposition - hence I signed back up

Yeah, I had a skim through last night and it looks like the policies are standalone. That’s better than Curve where you had to pay for the car with Curve to get the cover. With Revolut, you’d get the CDW regardless of which card you pay with and get the Visa Infinite/World Elite discount because you have Revolut metal.

And, as you say, the insurance is cheaper than getting it elsewhere too before you consider the other benefits.

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