Novus digital banking and lifestyle app

I saw this app on the Google Play store and installed, as I like the idea of B Corps generally.

Combination of debit card, CO2 tracking and a long list of places you can get cashback. I’d say the brands they’re pushing are generally aimed at the XX morph, which is also interesting.

They’ve followed dozens Black (all interchange gets donated), but only donate part of their interchange. However, apparently you get to choose the “causes” (which I assume means charities).

“We share 40% of our interchange revenues with causes of your choice”

Is there really a market though for yet another emoney app running on cashback and interchange??

It’s interesting but the carbon tracking just has no bearing on reality given it doesn’t even reflect the retailer you shop at let alone what you buy. It pretty much uses average carbon emissions if he industry you are shopping at.

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Yeah, it’s gamification rather than hard numbers. And I would only use a few of the retailers once in a while or one off, as they are mostly very niche, so how much it improves spending habits to reduce impact is unclear

I think for me they’re just too social justice-y

Otherwise it could have had potential. Very much a “put your money where your mouth is” on these kind of things, with no room for hypocrisy or anything else of a similar nature, as they’re virtue signalling

They’ve just added Just Eat and a few others. Not quite sure how ethical Just Eat is supposed to be… What happened to the Sheffield drivers’ strike?!

Anyway, for those who love a good Just Eat deal, £10 off £25 spend till end of July (edit: in fact 15 July!)