Nuri Bank have gone bust

Another one bites the dust

I have about €50 in this account, not overly concerned about losing that, I am overly concerned that I will no longer (eventually) have access to the only German bank that allowed non-EU mainstream customers in with minimal fuss.


Is there any guarantee ?

Nuri don’t actually have the money. The money is held with Solarisbank. However, I don’t think the latter want to take on a series of high risk non-EU accounts, so I assume Nuri are looking for a buyer for some or all of the business

So is there an FSCS equivalent safety net?

From the article:

In a statement, the company said that despite the filing, customers would still have full access to their current accounts (euros) as well as their crypto wallets and vaults (bitcoin & ether) and can continue to withdraw funds.

Deposits are protected by Nuri’s banking infrastructure provider, Solarisbank AG and its digital assets arm.

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Yes there is a German/EU equivalent - something like €100,000. But the money actually is banked by Solarisbank who are not going bust. Nuri is just a way of accessing it


Do you know of any other EU banks which allow UK access in this way?

Fineco Bank

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