Nutmeg's new look

Has anybody else noticed Nutmeg’s “new look”? What do you think?

I was about to reply to their tweet saying that it looked like their website’s style sheets failed to load but somebody beat me to it!

What I have just noticed is that the font is now rather reminiscent of the J.P. Morgan logo…

Other than kicking a ball between someone’s legs, I have no idea what Nutmeg is/all about.

I’m assuming that the logo is reminiscent of J.P. Morgan logo because:

JP Morgan buys Nutmeg (


Yes, that’s what I was getting at. It’s not quite the same font but I do wonder whether this decision has come from above.

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The design does look a bit more uptight, big boy bank-y than the previous one. Don’t know if I like it, I’m generally not a fan of serif fonts and that one in particular seems quite odd

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