Octopus Energy

I’ve been an Octopus Energy customer just over two and a half years and recommend them to everyone. Their rates are low, and they’re usually the last to raise prices and the first to drop them.

Use my link to switch to Octopus Energy and we’ll each get £50 credit. No minimum term contract, no exit fees… it’s like picking money up off the floor! :joy:


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If you’d rather give me some money too… Get £50 credit when you sign up with :octopus: Energy

You get £50 credit, I get £50 credit - it’s a win-win

Ah, I see @davidwalton… prison rules! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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And on a variable rate product too, no doubt.

I prefer fixed rates.

Avro have no exit fees either, so free to move if they become uncompetitive.

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No, you can go on a fixed rate tariff. And there’s no early exit fees on that either.

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Got a quote.

Nearly £12pm more than my current tariff with AVRO.

No thanks.

Even with the £50 sweetener

Clearly I wouldn’t suggest everyone just switches without checking quotes for their own situation, location and usage. Octopus were the cheapest for me and for a number of people I know. If your current provider works out cheaper for you, that’s great :+1:t2:

That said, switching using my link then switching back after a month would still net you a cool £38 pure profit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not really as my current tariff is no longer available.

Nice try though :rofl:

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Oh joys, referral links 🤦

It’s in the “Referral Links” category! Reading these isn’t mandatory.


Technically that depends on how you view the forum, it’s in General Chat for me, I don’t see it’s a dull referral link until I’ve had to open it.

Edit - it’s muted now so it’ll remind me not to open :sweat_smile:

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But certainly advisable :relieved:


I use London Power, which is powered by :octopus:

Different rates, though, but for my situation London Power undercuts Octopus slightly.

Now I’m just mulling over a smart meter.


Just to let you know I used your link and joined Octopus Energy.

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Much appreciated :slight_smile:


I switched to Octopus Energy and after doing researched and i am very pleased .

Had an email from Octopus today recommending that my DD be increased.

It said that if I “did nothing”, it would automatically increase my next DD, namely 01/03/22 then.

Alternatively, I could set my own, which included option of leaving it as is.

I chose to leave it “as is”, and then it showed an error as needed to be at least 8 days before DD collection.

So now my DD date has changed to 04/03/22 :man_shrugging:

All Fun & Games :rofl:

Not with Octopus but with BG on smart meters. I pay monthly for exactly the energy I use, so effectively on variable d/d. I would hazzard a guess that if I were on any other tariff, BG probably like many other energy companies, would probably have my d/d about double what I currently pay, which is give or take a couple of quid, £80 a month for both gas and electric. That’s the advantage I suppose of paying for what you actually use, at least you know you aren’t either building up a large credit or worse, finding yourself in a large debit. Won’t be long and it’ll be warm enough in my part of the South West to turn the heating off until the end of October and obviously cut down on the gas.

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I pay my Avro set DD each month, then pay off the balance of the bill using my Chase card.

No monthly debit or credit.
A few pence, literally, cashback for the difference :grin:

I’m with Octopus and paying by variable direct debit. I just emailed them and told them that I wanted to pay for exactly what I use and they changed it within 24 hours.