Octopus Energy

Their website is correct.

Those rates listed there are average, and are given as an example.

The suppliers need to hit the target cost for an average domestic household.

Suppliers can decide how they structure their standing charges within the cap Ofgem sets, as long as the overall tariff structure does not lead to default tariff customers paying above the relevant cap level.


Clearly states they cap the unit price.

Anyway, I’ll leave it there for others to decide.

Ah looks like you are right, sorry @Breezy. Why they go through the rigamarole of average costs etc and don’t just publish the actual unit rates I don’t know.

The documents in here and also the original decision setting out the design of the price cap might be of interest to anybody really interested.

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Yes, they bill monthly if you have smart meters. I’ve opted to pay the amount owing each month (by DD) rather than a fixed amount.

The electricity meter records half hourly readings from both itself and the gas meter and sends them once a day to the DCC. If you download the Bright app you can see the data sent to the DCC with down to 30-minute granularity.

We’ve increased our monthly payment to Bulb to give us a buffer for the heavier winter months. R-

Looked at this. Not sure what a Glowstick device is though. Do We have to buy it? Currently using the Bulb IHD. R-

It’s a device that connects to your smart meter HAN to provide real-time usage data. You don’t need it just to fetch your data from the DCC, though.

You do need either SMETS2 meters or SMETS1 that have been enrolled and adopted into the DCC. You can check this at https://smartmetercheck.citizensadvice.org.uk/

Thanks @MikeZ - we have SMETS2 definitely working in Smart mode. I’ll give it a go. R-

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They do but they’re hidden deep on the website somewhere

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Bright is up and starting to populate @MikeZ. Thanks. R-

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On the BG new homeowner tariff which I entered into in June last year and which ended at the end of June this year, I wouldn’t say it was in any way a poor tariff. I admit there were cheaper tariffs available, but some of those tariffs disappeared anyway when the smaller almost domestically unheard of utility companies went down the pan. I was in the end quite happy to be with BG, after all, they’re still here.

That may well have been the case, but personally, I’ve never even heard of GEUK and I’m not prepared at this stage to move away from BG. I’d certainly consider moving to Octopus if they had a decent tariff offering, but as we’ve already discussed, it just isn’t worth bothering to move. I can’t even complain about BG Customer Service at this stage because I haven’t needed to contact them since my gas meter debacle last year.

I’m not going to even stress myself over the price rises. The Government are going to give us £400 to offset some of the costs, and that is better than a kick in the you know whats. I feel fortunate that I live in a new build home which is well insulated in a part of the SouthWest that doesn’t get too cold in winter.

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Done :+1:

I like the app. I can see the information from both meters, MPAN numbers etc and they tally with my BG bills, so at least I can see they’re my meters and not someone elses :laughing:

The Bright App is currently reportig that my monthly leccy cost is £32.33, however my actual bill for July, was just over £38. I think this is because the Bright App isn’t reporting the correct daily standing charge rates. Same with the gas cost, Bright App shows £12.83, but my actual bill was just over £15 for July.

The Bright App is so much better than BG’s poor App offering.

It will be interesting to see the data in 24 hours time.

As of next week I’ll be the proud owner of smart meters - but I’m clueless as to the add-ons.

Is the Bright app one I can use with my setup or is it in some way provider-specific?

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As long as your meters are connected to the DCC, which could take around six weeks, then they should work with the Bright App.

All I had to do, was input a single line of code taken from my BG in home display into the Bright App and the App automatically collected the data from both my Smart meters from the DCC.

When your meters are installed, they will be SMETS2 meters. Last year, if you recall from a previous post/thread, I had problems with my gas smart meter because it had never been registered on the DCC. BG came and replaced it, but it took the best part of two months before it was registered on the DCC. I had a right row with a lady in BG who claimed my meters were not SMETS2 meters. She didn’t have a clue what she was talking about.


Right ho. I’ll ask all the right questions when the engineers come a-visiting.


It gets the tariff info from the DCC, which gets it from your meters, which should be updated by BG when you change tariff.

Mine with Octopus has never been correct, but I only use the app to monitor usage in kWh - I can work out the rest myself.

What’s the DCC?

A quick Google search tells you :wink:


Scaremongering. Or fact???

Neither. It’s a stark prediction, but it’s just that.

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