Onmo - Credit Card now available, Debit Card coming soon


Eye catching designs on a seemingly featureless and high APR card. Seem to be planning yet another emoney service too.

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I can see some doing it just to add the card to their collection :joy:

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Surely not !! :scream:

Infers soft check only, however, surely that’s only on eligibility :thinking:

When you apply for Onmo, we only do a “Soft” search against your credit file at the first stage. This is visible to you on your own credit report, but won’t show up to other lenders.
If you’re accepted, we’ll then ask you to approve your new credit agreement. At this stage, we will need to conduct a full search, which will leave a footprint on your credit file.


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Nice & clear.

Why are credit card applications via Clearscore?

Presumably so they only end up processing applicants from those they probably want to give credit to, quite a clever way to reduce the number of searches they’ll have to pay for.

What’s their credit card offering for balance transfers? I don’t see any mention of 0% interest free offers.