Own a bit of Wise

Had this email through earlier about Wise

Does seem to be open to eligible accounts only

More info - https://wise.com/campaign/ownwise


The email is only for preregistration - no explanation of how they’ll actually select the final 100,000 people.

£100 sounds good, but you need to buy and hold about £2k worth of shares (at time of writing) for 12 months to get the full amount.

I’m fine with doing that actually, Wise is a profitable solid company

I saw that as well though I’ve no interest in the offer, mainly due to other priorities

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I’ve been spammed to death over this; multiple emails asking me to share where I bought my shares, if I did up until it closed.

I preregistered just in case a while back and wish I hadn’t. I’ve now disallowed all Wise emails.


Does that mean you are writing this message from the other side, or is your ghost haunting this place now? :grimacing:

Good to know, Thom. :unamused:

You’d think they would offer customers the change to buy shares at the point of listing the shares, not after they had floated…

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I was also wondering about the admin for all this. Some sort of evidence of shares from 100,000 people using a variety of platforms? It would be brave to plonk that on some unsuspecting CS reps

I’ve been accepted onto this, but really I’m in two minds. Drumming up the share price like this just seems strange

Apparently, Wise want to list in the USA as well, which may partially explain their motivation