Passport lost

I did a online renewal for my passport 28th may 2022 and sent of my old passport on 30th may 2022 and the passport office still haven’t received it - i admit it was my fault sending it 2nd class (so stupid no idea what i was thinking) so I’m thinking the passport may be lost but i have no way of checking (i have the receipt from royal mail) I did get an email from them stating to send old documents so i called the passport office and was told they would call me back as they can’t seem to find anything? I am really worried now as I need my passport to travel on 15th July. How do i go about finding out if my passport is lost and what happens if it is lost? Thank you.

We did a passport renewal recently and there was quite a delay from sending the old one to the website acknowledging receipt of it, about 3 weeks. Once they did acknowledge it, it was back within 2 weeks.

I doubt they have lost it but they are backlogged and are taking ages.

If they have lost it then I’m sorry I’ve no idea what happens!

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As @Jojingles says, their is a delay between a passport being received and the tracking on the HMPO site being updated.

It’s usually around a week but might be longer in the current circumstances/unusually high demand for passports at the moment.

Add to that, additional delays caused by Jubilee bank holidays etc - means I wouldn’t be too concerned yet.

Sending your passport 2nd class isn’t an issue. Might have been an idea to send it Signed For/Recorded though. At least that way you would know its waiting to be dealt with at HMPO.

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If the problem continues the government website is surprisingly useful. The link below is just one of the options available to you.

But the advice so far is right. Don’t panic. Give it a few more days.


Okay thanks everyone!