Pay at Pump

Starling have posted a new blog post on the Pay @ Pump authorisation change introduced by AmEx, Visa and MasterCard -

I’ve never had any issues on my personal account with Starling, but I know some have. I weren’t able to use my joint account in the past, but haven’t tried recently. Perhaps this change will allow me to use it?


There was, at least at one time, some kind of top-secret risk analysis algorithm that dictated whether or not a customer could use it.

As with a lot of these kinds of things, there seemed to be little rhyme or reason to it and it just made Starling an unrealistic option to even attempt to Pay at Pump with for many. Hopefully these changes will sort that situation out as it’s been a constant problem since Starling’s launch.

It’s not a problem with other banks. They allowed them with debit cards enabled for offline transactions but restricted them or simply prohibited them with debit cards that disallowed offline transactions.

Where a cardholder sees their card logo displayed , they expect it to work, so the issuer should be upfront is they have placed restrictions on it’s usage at any location.

Starling whole approach is confused and opaque.


I never use PAP, unless I c**k up, as I cba with the faff on my bank accounts.

It also counts towards my daily steps, popping to shop and back :rofl:


I agree, and that’s what I was trying to say really.

Hopefully this new approach will just work for everyone, but it will depend on retailers quickly releasing the funds after fuelling is complete.

I’ve never used my Starling card on Pay at Pump, always gone into the kiosk to pay, mostly because I need a receipt and quite often, the stupid pumps don’t kick out a receipt which then forces me to have to go into the kiosk anyway.

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You would be able to use my local Asda then it’s 24/7 card only, no kiosk. R-

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Typically, it was usually always the Asda garage where I previously lived, that never had any till roll in their pumps. I complained numerous times during the height of the pandemic, but it just fell on deaf ears. I even asked them what was the point of putting out notices encouraging people to use PaP if they couldn’t be arsed to make sure the pumps would spit out receipts. All I got was shrugs.

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Just tried to take advantage of an Amex offer of a £10 credit when you fill up at BP (at least £50).

By default, the BP app tries to reserve £150 on your card but Amex kept declining this amount. It finally worked when I specified a limit below £100.

Anybody else tried this?

No. Costco Pay at Pump reserves £125 and it works just fine.

Make sure that the garage you used is on their list of participating stations, if they have one.

I fell foul of a similar ESSO offer with AmEx when I filled up at my local ESSO, only to find it was not a participating location and so I had paid 6p/l extra for nothing :man_facepalming:

Yes, it was a participating station - all the local BP stations are.

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