Payee management at different banks

One of the things I like about my Monzo account is payee accounts can be nested under an individual. So if an individual has 5 accounts, instead of those accounts taking 5 places at the top level of my payee list they can all be nested under a single person.

None of the high street banks I have accounts with (HSBC, Santander, Nationwide) seem to take this approach. Out of curiosity, are there any high street banks which have this approach to payee management?

More generally, are there any approaches to payee management at any bank or finance app that you’re particularly keen on?


Chase and Starling also work like this.


What I don’t like about that feature is that the feed then just shows the name of the person you paid (normally myself), but not which account you sent the money to.

That’s where reference fields are useful (if not filled already of course)

My Chase feed is a nightmare :scream:

That’s true. Although when I do transfers between my own accounts I typically write the reference in a way that identifies both the source and the destination (e.g. “Monzo to Santander”), so I don’t really notice this issue.

EDIT: Actually, it does cause issue with my account aggregator (Emma) which doesn’t read bank transfer references from some banks.

I do exactly that.

Monzo Chase
Chase Monzo
Chase Barclays
Barclays Chase

You get the gist :rofl::rofl:

Just got too many goddam accounts tbh.

Most fail CoP because I name the account holder as the account itself.

For example, Nationwide Start To Save 2, Santander ISA, etc.


Monzo seem to do this but quite well. Only NatWest seem to do similar.

HSBC is really annoying. No merging, you can’t delete in app.