Paying 50USD to someone in Denmark

I need to pay someone in Denmark 50USD. They are a Danish VAT registered business if that makes any difference. What would be best/cheapest way to do this please? R-

P.S. I have posted this elsewhere but thought it good to ask here in case some on here are not on there. With me so far?

Wise/Transferwise don’t charge an arm and a leg for this - do you already have US dollars in an account to send to them ? Is it going to a USD or DEK denominated account ?


Thanks. No USD account. I will have to check but I think it will be DKK. R-

Will this be GBP to 50 dollars worth of Danish currency ?

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Yes, good question.

If they really want paying in Danish Krone, but 50 USD worth of it, you would end up paying less if you just paid them Krone directly.

As I said on the Monzo Community, I think the best way to do so would be via card (if they offer it).

Then either Revolut or Wise, depending on if you want to risk issues with Revolut. Wise is probably slightly more expensive than Revolut but more reliable.

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Thanks guys. A big leap in the dark and obviously I need to find out more about how the payment is expected. I am slightly cheered by the fact that they are Danish - and implicitly on the ball. I think! R-

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