PayPal Gift Address List

I raised this same topic on FTT following my recent house move and a subsequent attempt to remove my former home address from my PayPal account, which failed multiple times.

After my move, I bought an item from a website I’d never used before, and a raft of previous addresses I’d used over several years, mostly family/friend addresses I’d had items delivered to when staying over for a weekend etc, popped up in a box. This worried me from the perspective that I’d never used this particular site before, so to see in excess of 10 different addresses be listed that aren’t actually in my PayPal account, got me to thinking, Why?

I phoned PayPal on their freephone UK number and the Customer Services rep advised me to change my home address using the exact method I’d already tried multiple times. Eventually, the rep managed to get it into their head that I wasn’t just phoning for the fun of it. I then mentioned about the multiple addresses that had ‘appeared’ in a pop up box on a site I’d never used before.

The rep advised me, that all PayPal customers have a ‘Gift Address List’ (GAL) that the account holder doesn’t see or have access to. The rep informs me that I have multiple addresses cached in the GAL. Anyway, at my insistence, he purged them all, including my former home address, leaving only my new current address.

So, if any PayPal customers experience the same scenario, or an item you ordered doesn’t turn up at the address you thought you’d requested delivery to, then the GAL might be the problem, and the only way to resolve this apparently, is to contact PayPal directly and ask them to purge your address list. I have to admit, I’m none to comfortable that PayPal seemingly cached all of those addresses they’ve since deleted, especially when as a PayPal customer, I couldn’t even view them in my account.


It’s been complained about across the Pond too. Clearly PayPal feel they have no issue doing what they’d clearly been doing, and I can only speak for my own account. I was offered no explanation during my call.

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They probably claim it’s for a legitimate use (in case you want to send something to those addresses again) and that the customer has agreed to it in some “clearly” formatted terms and conditions (which they probably haven’t read)!