PayPal Pay in 3 via Credit Card

Anyone know if there is an alternative way to pay for PayPal’s Pay in 3 installments using a Credit Card? Currently, they only support debit cards.

I’ve closed my Curve Card a while ago now, not sure if they’ll accept my application if I re-apply.


I think it’s a regulatory thing. PayPal aren’t your average BNPL product. Theirs is as regulated as a credit card (it’s a feature of PayPal Credit), and so you can’t make repayments using credit cards. It’s not allowed IIRC.

Think of it as less like Amazon installments and Klarna, and more like Monzo Flex. A fully regulated credit product with BNPL-esque functionality.

The unregulated BNPL providers do typically let you repay with a credit card, which might be responsible for the confusion. But that will likely end as they become regulated too.

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Yeh, I thought as such. Just wondering if cards like Curve will work as a workaround?

Creation allow this (or did anyway).

It might. Hopefully someone with curve can answer, I don’t use it.

In theory, I can’t see why it wouldn’t. I wouldn’t rely on it though.