Plusnet closing down mobile services

Email received from Plusnet:

"Since the 29th March 2023, we no longer offer mobile services to new customers.

As an existing customer, your Plusnet plan will continue for now, so don’t worry about loss of service.

We will be closing all our mobile services in the coming months. This means you’ll need to switch your service to another provider in the future."


EE may do some retention deals for people willing to move across to the main brand.

Otherwise, there are lots of low priced alternatives like Lebara, RWG, Voxi and Smarty.

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Can’t see them doing massive retention deals. Think the whole point is they’re trying to become a unified good margin player.

I personally think it would work better if they kept EE/BT or even rebranded everything to BT rather than EE, but they’ve made the decision already I guess

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Unfortunately, their website doesn’t yet reflect their decision……

Edit: ignore this - it does make mention in the mobile section, although they don’t indicate in the blurb that existing customers will need to seek an alternative service in the near future. Indeed, they say there’s nothing to be worried about.

Perhaps they’re just catching it up….

There is a phone number in the email, so you can discuss what EE-based retention deals are available, but you can only find out by calling :person_shrugging:

Currently, I get a data boost for also having Plusnet broadband. The broadband deal doesn’t expire until Xmas, but their decision to close mobile services leaves me little motivation to remain a BB customer, should a competitve deal appear for my broadband from another provider.

Tbf, Virgin Media did undercut Plusnet, however, due to past poor customer service experience with Virgin Media, I could not bring myself to switch over to them.

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You could call them but the people you get when you call in rarely have the discretion to offer anything other than existing or new customer offers. Generally, the best retention deals come from them calling you once you’ve requested a PAC or have given your notice to cancel.

They’ve obviously done their sums and decided it’s cheaper to switch off that MVNO platform than migrate the customers across.


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