Proof of immigration status after 2024 for immigrants

Hello, I know this may not apply to most of you here so may not have an idea but I just want to know if works are going on behind the scenes since there’s some Fintech involved.
When opening new bank accounts (even for existing account holders at some banks) or credit lines, there’s a requirement to prove immigration status if you are not a UK national or from some other few countries.
For people that require to prove their status at the moment, they are required to upload their Biometric Resident Permit (Visa) during the onboarding process using third party identity service providers.
However, from December 2024, all BRPs would have expired and immigration status will only be proved online. This service is already running but i have not yet seen any bank of Fintech use it. Even for those with Indefinite Leave to Remain will need to prove their status but still will not have na BRP.
I have a friend who has just attained indefinite to remain in the Uk but when they try to open an account with one of the banks, they are still asked to upload BRP, which they do not have and no other option is available.
Is anyone here aware of any institution that is trying to incorporate this online proof of immigration in their onboarding process? It may cause a lot of issues after December 2024 when all BRPs have been completely phased out.

They haven’t all expired. My OH has an EU permanent residence card with an expiry date in 2028. I had thought that this was no longer valid but apparently it is still acceptable at UK immigration until it expires.

However, you’re right. It has been a problem for us in the past as one place wanted a permit valid for at least two years (Monzo I think) and wouldn’t accept hers with the 2024 expiry.

I have heard in t’other place that NatWest will accept a printed copy of the share code in branch but obviously not an option for fintech places.

Many are expiring 31 December 2024 for many people (most of those are none EU, not sure if it makes a difference). And some people renewing at the moment are not getting the plastic cards anymore, they are told to use share codes.
Banks like Barclays would want you to take a photo of the card itself, I remember even with Natwest group I did the same. With LBG they only want expiry date 12 months minimum.

The new change comes into effect 01/01/2025. For example my friend with indefinite leave newly approved has no BRP, so they will have trouble opening accounts online.

i think it will be integrated in the next couple of months, I heard Starling already started to use the immigration check via code thingy, but I’m not sure about the other banks, will see…

Good to see that they are already on it.

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Worryingly, we actually tried the no card option out a year or so back. Very helpful guy looked her up and no record at all despite having ILR several years at that point.

The Home Office / Foreign Office aren’t good at paperless.

Already people have been getting denied boarding because of this.

I think it is because there are two ways to verify this. If you use the “wrong” one the system will tell you the details are wrong. I usually see it with those on spouse visas who do not require a UKVI account login.

Actually just realised that she’ll be needing to renew this year. Or does she now? The card expires in December but she’s got ILR.

There’s nothing to renew after December 2024 since they will still have valid permission to stay. The card will expire but not their status.

Hmmm. If it was anybody but the Home Office that would probably be right. Not totally sure in this case. These are the people who went and deported people just because they didn’t have any paperwork (Windrush).

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