Purchasing of Titles

So I was curious as I’ve seen a lot of those 1x1m plots and I thought “there’s no way you get a title from that”

I found another company that seemingly doesn’t sell plots, but has researched the land to ensure there’s no one to stop you from claiming the title? I’ve reached out to them to work out if it’s worth putting my bid on the Barony of Trowbridge :rofl: it’s a tad expensive but it would be cool to be able to add it to my passport etc I think

How do you buy a title?

There’s an auction house near me. Titles are a regular thing with them

Apparently those titles are pretty fake and you might not be successful adding them to any documents. It’s more of a novelty

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Further, you CANNOT add them to Government issued documents.

So that’s a NO, I’m afraid.

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Supposedly the one I’ve found passes on actually valid titles that could be added to a document, + publishes them in the same place that the OBE etc are published

Idk though, it’s probably fake; as such I’ve enquired to do some vetting

They’re about as genuine as those “name a star” scams.

I’m curious about if perhaps you could inherit a title via purchasing an actual estate with a standing lord, instead of one that (in all reality, has reverted back to the crown, as lordships and barons generally did)

I’m more inclined to believe the title is bestowed on the person not on an estate.

Stick to crypto, would be my advice……

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Title of the Lord of an Estate, hence why they’re named after particular locations ?

Regardless it’s something I’d see a solicitor over and have no intentions on spending 10k on right now anyways, although it would be nice vanity haha

I believe the Peers are given some sort of choice of “where”.

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Lord of the manor would be if you had an estate, but that just means said estate belongs to you. It’s worthless, really, as it’s not a nobility title or one you can use

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Just had a local at the auction house near me, they do have a title in their next auction, but it is Lordship of the Manor :thinking:

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Sounds a bit iffy, doesn’t it?

£6000 for the title, driving around in a Vauxhall Corsa or Honda Jazz …. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Nothing against the cars but, well, you know…?


Remember when all them morons bought pieces of the moon way back years and years ago :roll_eyes::sweat_smile:

If you want a title you can reasonably earn yourself that can go on official government issued and other formal documentation, look into graduate study.


Or maybe become a magistrate. :slightly_smiling_face:


Vanity noble titles are pathetic really, aren’t they?


I guess the question is why buy one?

If it’s a fun thing and everyone’s in on it, then fair enough (if you’ve got nothing better to spend it on :roll_eyes:).

If it’s to impress friends, well…that’s just not going to happen.

If it’s to impress strangers?
Well why would you - and how would you know if you have?
Oh, and it wouldn’t, by the way :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


For those of you that know my name I just think it would be funny to be Lord Byron, although I guess that only a select few would know it here?