Question about payment systems and interactions


For a project I am working on I have some things to figure out.

If I have a question about payment systems like apple pay or google pay or similar systems, can I ask it here?

Apologies, I am a novice. Research is new to me.

The popular payment systems I have in mind (paypal, venmo, apple pay, google pay and similar), is it a one-time login and off to nfc the groceries today, next week etc. without confirming every time?

How big or small can transactions be with those systems? From 1 cent to 5000 dollars?
The company would be EU based and the currency would ultimately be euros. Whether a twitch-style token system is to be used is not yet decided but possible. It would then be 1 credit = 50 eurocents.

They allow for purchases online, I have been drilling down on a thought to see how easy it might be to build a button that uses those systems for smooth payments to media & services.

We all know that wikipedia is constantly asking for donations, that newspapers all around the world are bleeding money like a stuck pig and that consumers are slowly being strangled by endless and ever more expensive subscriptions.

I am trying to create a solution that would satisfy both sides. Creators get (a bit) more money, reliably, while consumers get an easy way to reward the hard work of a newspaper they wouldn’t subscribe to in a million years but do acknowledge the quality of.

Perhaps not a newspaper. Perhaps it’s github, or someone may finally give vlc or winrar some pennies… lord knows they’ve earned some.

I believe it would be a win-win.

People with technical knowledge may message me or comment, I welcome input and support.

Thanks in advance.

Yes please.

This is correct, verify card once, then on purchase time your biometrics or lockscreen passcode is used to verify who you are (akin to card PIN)

That will depend on individual services and sometimes the card issuer.

Several payments processors have these buttons.

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This is correct, verify card once, then on purchase time your biometrics or lockscreen passcode is used to verify who you are (akin to card PIN)

That is useful, and would work. Thank you.

That will depend on individual services and sometimes the card issuer.

Hmm. The payments I have in mind are small. Let’s say 1-3 dollars max.

Several payments processors have these buttons.

Really? I did not know that… shows what I know right?
I have googled but did not find an example, would you be so kind as to point me to a working example of this button used for media & services?

Thanks a lot.

If you have made a number of online or in-app purchases I guess you should have encounter some or most of them. Many sites offer Google/Apple pay, Paypal, etc as payment methods.
You can have a look at this Stripe Documentation

And this for Apple pay with Stripe

Google pay with Stripe
Paypal buttons

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I have never made an in-app purchase.

Made a few purchases online for which I used my regular bank card, a plane ticket or an LED bulb for example.

Haven’t interacted with buttons like that.

It’s the basic idea that I have, only the amounts I had in mind would be much smaller. For media & services specifically, not to buy lotion or groceries, but to send money (€1-2) to wikipedia or a creator.

The button also wouldn’t be so big :sweat_smile:

It depends on what the developers implemented in their payment gateway.
Some buttons/options are hidden depending on your device and location.
Macdonald’s app

Esso App

Shell App

This is quite interesting.

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Am I overlooking it?

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Oh I see.

That’s a good feature, I suppose. Spambots are the worst.

It’s not easy to engage with things one does not know much about :sweat_smile:

Don’t they already mostly take one-off donations or subscriptions via card? To be honest, I don’t get why they don’t take Apple Pay but, it probably won’t lead to much of an increase in revenues.

Namely because people across the US/EEA/UK are feeling the economy right now.

people across the US/EEA/UK are feeling the economy right now.

Yes. My point is: the publishing industry and much of the digital media & services we consume have been in that situation of “feeling it” for decades. A small cut that continues to bleed and will not heal.

This is a bad thing, if you ask me. I would like to contribute to solving this problem.

One-off donations are accepted, to be sure. This is often still not so convenient however, it requires several hoops to jump through.

My proposal would reduce to hoops to 1-3 (the fewer the better… depending on the “how” - this is why I am looking for someone technical) and to not take you away from whatever you’re doing to some sterile payment page(s) to click through before you give 4 bucks to wikipedia or whomever’s hard work you wish to reward.

If this can be done universally, reliably, with trust and respect, it would benefit the industry and the consumer both.

Many different companies have tried to introduce systems to encourage micro payments online.

However, none have been that successful - consumers don’t really want to pay on a per use basis and their are many alternatives for newspapers etc.

Otherwise, there are options like which are quite popular for donations.

All those options take you away from where you were though.

buymeacoffee requires you to go there and sign up etc.

All of those sites have donations/rewards etc on their site, instead of a simple interface at the place where people actually read the news or watch the content.

That is what I don’t want, I wish to create something that puts the entire interaction on the original source, not a far away website.

May I ask which services have tried this? I have not read about it.