£5 bonus when you join Quidco, the cashback website. Since joining, I’ve received almost £2,700 just for buying things I would have anyway!


I’ve had just over £1,000 and I thought that was good! Do you put everything through there?

I always check to see if a retailer is on there. Even if it’s just a few pence, it all adds up :slight_smile: Changing mobile or broadband provider can be quite lucrative.

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And credit cards, holidays, clothes shopping :blush:

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I got loads when I moved and got my first place, but since then I’ve stuck with the same energy, broadband and Sky, so probably not helped myself by not moving around!

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If you can negotiate a good deal each year, it’s not a bad idea staying with the same providers. That said, when you take into account potential cashback, it’s often beneficial to rotate every year or two.

The only company I stick with now is Octopus Energy, as (a) they are one of the cheapest providers and (b) I get enough back in referrals each year to practically half my energy costs :slight_smile:

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One piece of advice I would give to anyone though, is don’t always take the cashback into account, because it’s NOT guaranteed. Treat it as a bonus.

Tbf, only company that’s let me down previously is GoCompare. Others have often coughed up after I lodge a Missing Cashback claim (TCB).

Also, be sure to read each T&C of an offer, as some, like Very, will not pay cashback if you have used a discount code at checkout as well.

Signed up. Now just got to work out how it works. R-

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Hmm, I can’t see any new referrals so I’ve just double-checked that link - my text link has the correct URL, but the omnibox that Discourse creates has changed the link!

Edit: I’ve removed the omnibox link - apologies if anyone has signed up and doesn’t get the bonus… if it’s any consolation, neither will I :sob: