Replacement card admin tips

Every 4 years or so, our main card expires and we have to go through the process of updating everything with the new card details. I’m sure for many of us here, the process seems archaic, especially when we might never actually use the physical card.

I’m just wondering what tips people have for dealing with the hassle of getting new card details?

If you bank with Starling, I’ve found their Payments > Scheduled > Card Payments to be a helpful list to work through, manually updating your card details with each one.

I also found it annoying that I had to manually add my new Starling card to Apple Pay (as well as remove the old card, set the billing address and enable Express Transit, all for both phone and Watch). I thought Apple Pay provided a way for banks to apply the new card details automatically?

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I’m typically very passive about this:

With things such as Amazon, they’ll tell you during checkout that the card is expired, and I update it then.

Subscriptions such as Netflix will also tell me either in advance that the card is expiring, or after a payment has declined, and I’ll update it then.

I don’t feel the need to do much admin there, to be honest …


Doesn’t MasterCard do this automatically now but it’s up to businesses to implement it?

Yeah, it’s really multiple parties that need to implement it:

  • your bank
  • the merchants card payment provider (I think all the big ones do)
  • the merchant

So it’s a bit hit and miss with that …


Yeh, I personally prefer to get most things updated in a oner, in advance. Rather than get pestered multiple times over the course of the next few weeks or months by different services, or go to quickly buy something on Amazon and realise my card details need updating first. I suppose it also depends on how many services use that card (I count about 25 active services from my scheduled card payments list in Starling).

The Visa updater service will do this too. The merchant also has to support it. I generally don’t like it as it’s a fraud vector.

Out of interest, your Starling card, was it the original purple one or new green one?

Is this another iOS-only feature? I don’t see a “Card Payments” option on that screen on Android :thinking:

Maybe the way I wrote that was misleading, it’s a heading when sorted by “Type”:

Yeah, that “A-Z”/“Type” selection doesn’t appear on Android :slightly_frowning_face:

This sort of an issue is largely why I use PayPal, for virtually everything besides Amazon, as they don’t accept it. I only need to update it one two places that way.

Starling added scheduled card payments to Android and then seemed to remove it again. But we didn’t have the option of the toggle you have on iOS - it was just one list.

I’ve just had the same situation with my card and a new one issued last week. I don’t really have a process, but agree it could be easier to manage.

I wonder if something like the CASS setup would work here, where you have the control to send a “new card” notification to merchants on that recurring card payment list. Gives you the control but saves the hassle? Just a thought…

I very almost decided to select the PayPal option just now instead of updating my card details with a provider, but something about having my Starling feed full of PayPal transactions put me off (ridiculous I know)!


Do Starling not do the magic thing Monzo does where they extract and present the actual underlying merchant name?

My transactions never show as PayPal in Monzo, I see the actual merchant.

For example PAYPAL *MICROSOFT and PAYPAL *APPLE. COM/BILL show as Microsoft and Apple respectively.

I think they do but not for everything so it’s a bit hit and miss.


I got new Starling personal, joint and business cards last week. Updated them in Google Pay and PayPal, then updated three or four recurring payments that use my personal and business cards. Didn’t take long at all - I probably prefer to do it manually rather than trusting the bank or Mastercard to update them with the various merchants.

Incidentally, my personal card expires a month later than the other two - don’t know why, they all had the same expiry date previously. Also, I noticed that my personal card now has a different BIN - it used to have the same BIN as my joint card, now it has the same BIN as my business card.

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I’ve just had a replacement card and noticed the BIN had changed from my old card