Reverse Budgeting Fintech App

Hi everyone, wanted to introduce you to a fairly new fintech app called Nova Money. It is an automatic budgeting and financial education platform which can help you better manage your finances and improve your spending habits in the long-term.

As opposed to other apps, the Nova AI uses a “reverse budgeting” approach where users set financial goals, and then their budget gets automatically calculated. It has won the Best Use of AI in Consumer Finance award from Cosmopolitan the Daily

I started using the app as a student and it has helped me improve my financial habits drastically. If this sounds interesting, you can have a look at their website

I started using this a few months ago and am currently beta testing a new version. It is very useful and once the remaining glitches are ironed out it will be great. There are free and paid for versions. Well worth a look. R-

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Will check this out!

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Very neat concept. I don’t know how much help it would be if you didn’t have much capacity to save though, seems like an app for people that aren’t great with money to focus on dedicating your funds before you spend them, I guess?


It’s a great app for anyone wanting to improve their financial habits. Even if someone doesn’t have much capacity, they might have a goal in mind like buying something and once they set that goal, the app automatically figures out how to achieve that with the limited capacity, which is pretty useful

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