Revolut Business Feature lag

I’ve noticed that the Revolut Business app lags behind on certain features available in the personal app. Kinda frustrating (especially as a paying customer!).

For one, I wanted to schedule a bi-weekly payment. I can do this in the personal app no worries. But in the business app - bi-weekly is not an option.

Okay, so not a biggie. But then this week, I got all excited after receiving an email! New currencies added, including Philippines Peso! Yey, i work with some people in the Philippines, and it would be great to hold some peso.

Err, no. Not an option in the Business app, only the Personal app. :unamused:

Personally for business FX requirements and holding, I’d recommend wise. Not sure if you’ll get peso local account details though

I do have wise, but the exchange fees proved more costly than revolut (cheaper to buy a revolut plan than the wise fees!). But yes, i did like the Peso feature with Wise. if revolut can do it for Personal accounts, why not business?!