Revolut Business launches fee-free USD transfers for UK customers

Revolut is moving one step closer to borderless accounts with its latest offering for its 500,000 business customers worldwide, according to the financial super app.

The company is launching new fee-free USD transfers to the UK.

Companies in the UK will now be able to use US bank details to accept payments from US customers without fees through Revolut Business.

The app aims to save users both time and money as the number of UK B2B customers doing business with US customers grows.


They haven’t implemented it for personal customers as it’s still only giving a UK IBAN for USD.
It will need a US format account number with a routing number too for domestic US ACH.

Just a note that Revolut have now offered me USD ACH details (account / routing number) within the app.

Looks like a soft launch…

Are there any transaction fees in case you transfer or receive money from US customers? Haven’t found any information in this article.

Wise offer US dollar account details, but I believe charge around $4 for an incoming transfer. This is for a current account, not business accounts