Revolut - Euro Account

Just playing with Revolut at the moment.

Does anyone who has a euro account with them know if you can assign your card for any purchases made on the card to come from the Euro Account like Starling can?

If there’s a Euro balance in the Euro account and payment is made from a card in Euros then it will come out of Euro account.
If there is no balance in Euros but still have a GBP balance then Euro payments can come come out of that. This applies vice versa and with any of the Revolut accounts which means if there is a positive balance for the currency you are paying in then that will be used if not then any of the the currencies which can cover the payment.

Hope it makes sense. :grinning:


Exactly this - I find it very convenient for my usd and other exotic currency kickstarter purchases :joy:

Just worth noting the transaction must be funded by the same currency pot in its entirety.

For example, you have €30 and £100 in Revolut and attempt to make a €40 purchase. As you don’t have enough € the entire purchase will be converted from Sterling and taken from your £. It will not use up your remaining €30 balance and deduct the last €10 from your Sterling.

If you only had €30 and £20, the same transaction would be declined as you don’t have enough in either pot to find the whole transaction (even though you had enough combined in both pots).

However, if you had €30, £20, and $100 in Revolut the transaction would be converted from USD.

  • Revolut tries to use the native currency pot first (€)
  • If that has an insufficient balance it attempts to use your local currency pot (£)
  • If that also has an insufficient balance, the highest balance in your other currency pots will be used.
  • And finally, it will be declined if no pot has sufficient funds to cover the whole purchase.

Honestly I hate Kickstarter

So you want me to take a risk on your business, fund it, get your production paid for

And there’s a risk I don’t get it? Why aren’t you selling me equity

For complete separation, I only know of Monese, which gives you fully separate cards for fully separate EUR and GBP accounts. I find the Revolut and Starling approaches unnecessarily complicated.

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Yes, this has it’s uses and is nice for the simplicity.

Starling replicates the functionality with a toggle but it’s not as simple as just having a separate card.

With the range of currencies Revolut support, though, it wouldn’t really be possible to have separate cards for each one. They could add a Starling-style toggle, which might be useful.

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Yeah, just the ability to select the account for your second card would do the trick. I have loads of Revolut cards anyway, as they give them away like fruit pastilles, so it would be easy. The whole dynamic exchange setup is more trouble than it’s worth imo

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Intriguingly, the Euro account comes with a UK IBAN (GB), but you can also pay money (€s) via an Estonian (EE) IBAN (LHV Pank, I think), for which you must quote a separate account number as a reference. I assume this is just a single account that they used to receive funds, and then allocate them to customers

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