Revolut - New limited card

Who spends 80€ to buy a card? :joy:

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Do you need the Metal plan for this, or is it a 1 off purchase? :joy: Rich folk I assume

Revolut haven’t done a bad job of the card design, unlike the Raris gold card from a few years ago, which looked very tacky.


Don’t have a metal.

Still £80 even with metal plan

Wouldn’t mind paying a one off fee for a metal card tbh. Can see influencers wanting these.

Heck, depending how long they last, I’d be tempted, but gold is not for me. Gold is tacky. Would rather they played with some more exotic metals, like titanium, or tungsten. I’d buy a tungsten card. Especially if it was shiny, and given how scratch resistant tungsten is, it ought to be super duper shiny. Like a mirror.

My Dog’s tag is made out of Tungsten. Still as pristine as the day it was brand new.


Why am I tempted :joy::joy::joy:


Snap, here’s my 20 year old tungsten watch

Though I am a little tempted by the Revolut card lol


Thoughts? Not mine

Tacky looking. Why make a gold card and not polish it to ever living hell and back?

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This guy decided to have it engraved.

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Fixed that for that guy


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Picture 3 on this one - chip at the back looks hella ugly