Revolut now offering US account details

Just received an email yesterday saying they now had US account details available. Well, I thought they were always available, but no, they now have - for UK account holders with a US Dollar account, US details, so someone you know stateside can transfer money in without paying, er, top dollar in fees.

Saw this as well. Revolut as usual poor at presenting this in app, but could be very handy. Main use case would be friends in the US who travel too and fro - I could bank them in the UK and they could bank me on the other side. Not sure Revolut would cope with that though. Think locked account… :joy:

I had noted this update on another thread.

Revolut was always able to handle incoming USD - it would have been via SWIFT. The new details allow them to accept domestic US ACH payments too. Hopefully, next will be free use of Allpoint ATMs like Revolut USA

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