Revolut Shopper

Revolut have just launched the below.

I understand its similar to a business PayPal bought, but as a regular Rev user who finds PayPal a bit clunky I’ll be certain to give this a go.

What are your thoughts?

I have to say, the speed they are rolling things out at leaves some competitors looking a bit slow…

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I’d like to be more engaged with Revolut, but I’m stilled scarred by a message about 18 months or so ago, when I was denied access to my (relatively insignificant) account whilst I went through a full security exercise, including video etc.

That, I’m afraid, was a deal breaker. So I’m afraid I’ll not be buying in……


They did put me through a rather lengthy review for a payment due to the transaction reference. That being said the rest of my account was fully operational throughout.

I had one the other day where it was reviewed in under 2 minutes…

I think you have to be prepared for more of a rocky road than with other providers - but I guess everyones experiences differ

In the U.K. we have Pouch though? So I don’t really see the need for it. PayPal also own Honey if that’s more your style

I honestly don’t really see the benefit to any retailer of either product existing though to be honest