Revolut Stays

Cashback on hotel bookings through the app, higher cashback for paid for plans…

I genuinely think Revolut Dating is next :joy:

Still, I’m not complaining - more and more arrows in their bow

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Considering I remember radio stations having their own dating websites… it wouldn’t surprise me if it ever happened

These services just tended to be rebadged versions of mainstream sites, as I expect Revolut Stays will be.

It is remarkably optimistic of them - I full expect another fierce lockdown and entry/exit ban within a month.


In all fairness, the app/website for instance is very clunky imo and this does feel slicker…whether it has as good an offering of stays/prices is another question. Let’s hope so, it’d be good to have more under one roof.

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So, having looked at the Ts and Cs, as I thought it’s a rebadged version of an existing site - in this case, Expedia. Should be interesting to see if the prices are the same between the two.

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