Royal Bank of Scotland accounts

Wow, that’s the form used back when I applied (probably 5 years ago, maybe 6)!


Application submitted! Says they’ll be in contact for more information! Likely to provide ID.

Hope that link helps you get one of these too @Gallifreyangirl


From memory, they try to verify you via credit reference agencies and if that fails they will ask you to upload documents.

They will most likely just open the account for you, and the first you will know about it is when you get an account opening letter in the post.

The letter will confirm the branch and also your account details, it will probably call it “CHILDS BRANCH”. That’s when you will know for sure!


The new form I was using the other day auto did this during the application, so shouldn’t be any issues on that front, although the old does ask for slightly different information, so we’ll see. I’ll keep folks posted on here anyway!

I’ve been credit checked by RBS about 4 times this week now, so my credit score will no doubt tank next month! :laughing: hope the Apple Card is at least a few months away, so it has time to recover.

Happy to make that sacrifice to add this to my collection though, and to help anyone else who finds this thread apply for one!


Yes, I think the new form has a credit check integrated into it and a flow following that.

From memory, the old form only seemed to gather information and then they would run the credit check at the end, once you had clicked submit.

There is then a DigiDocs service to upload ID if required, but they will email you later if it is.

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Not for much longer. NatWest sold it recently and it’s banking customers will be merged into its other brands.

I thought that was just the investment part?

Whereas current accounts and other banking was planned to continue?

Edit: I re-read it more closely, looks like that is the case but part of the sale is the Adam name, clients will have their accounts rebranded as Coutts.

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Very tempted to apply, but my brain is torn between “I’d rather open an account when I meet the requirements” and “this would be good vanity”

I guess another good question is, can businesses also do this? That could potentially add a level of “wow this business is really credible” without saying it at all

Some additional context to this:

Adam & Co was always very much a “Scottish Coutts”. The Coutts app and Adam & Co app are identical but reskinned.

They both seem to offer similar top-tier service.

I always assumed that the Adam branding was after the famous Scottish economist Adam Smith, but I don’t know if it was or not?

Anyway, it’s probably easy to transfer these clients to Coutts (and that brand comes with such prestige that they would hardly complain).


I suppose if I opened a business account, it would automatically be a Child & Co account, since that is my “home branch” now.

I don’t know if you could approach them cold for a business account, but I don’t see why not?

Also, if you ever do meet the requirements for proper private banking, they will be happy to upgrade you.

Might as well open now before the old form disappears, which it could easily do.

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@N26throwaway how did you apply as trying on my Mobile on chrome and safari keep getting error message.

I did this on my Mac! Try it on a desktop browser and you should be able to do it!

If I don’t meet the requirements by 30 I’m considering myself a failure :^ but I guess you’re right, might as well get the fancy stuff now and visit the branch later on when I hit the target

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I just applied on desktop in chrome and it worked fine - the site looks very old so may not support mobile browsing?

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I think the old forms were not responsive and so didn’t work on mobile - the new ones are, so it’s probably a key reason why they upgraded them.

I just applied on mobile

I do most things on mobile these days, really difficult existence but I keep forgetting to take things with me


Was just about to report back, that this does seem to work on mobile for me! But you beat me to it @Recchan!

At which stage are you receiving an error @Gallifreyangirl and what error are you receiving?

You may have to turn off adblocking or tracking protection for it to work.

How did you find the link? I’ll give it a go soon!

To add onto what @Seb recommends,

In my settings for Safari on iPhone the only thing turned off is block all cookies. I’d suggest temporarily turning off prevent cross-site tracking and block pop-ups. As these will match the settings I had in Safari on my Mac when applying.

if you’re using a VPN, DNS or ad blocker, disabled those temporarily too.

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