Royal Bank of Scotland accounts

Presume this has to do with the fact the paper statements are now printed on blank paper, so whatever document they’re sending to print now can also be provided to the user digitally and it’ll make sense (unlike the previous stuff which depended on the pre-printed paper).

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Same here!

I’ve been getting Child & Co branded statements in the post but only RBS branded ones online so not sure how it works and what’s happening.

Did the online ones change format when the printed ones did?

My theory is that until this spring there was an online statement service (with no branch-specific branding), and a legacy printed statement service. The latter was retired and replaced by documents produced by a new service, based on the online statement service but with the addition of branch specific branding, the output of which can be printed on standard plain A4.

(This is another indicator that the members who confidently predicted the imminent death of the Child & Co brand following branch closure were wrong to do so, by the way.)

If I’m right, that new service is now also replacing the old online document service - meaning all statements (online or printed) are originated from the same service.

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Overall I’m liking where they’re taking the brand(s). I just wish the Drummonds debit card would receive a redesign…

Is the special form for applying for a Child & Co branded account still working, does anyone know?

The form loads. Whether the sort code is still there is anyone’s guess

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It was working about six months ago.

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I only use my debit card through Google or Apple Pay and the Drummonds card looks very classy on the phone! I have a Child & Co account too and am using the Drummonds one as my main current account. Given that Drummonds is still an actual branch it ‘feels’ better to me than Child & Co. None of this is particularly rational though!

My July Drummonds statement was Drummonds branded.

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Honestly with the updated branding I’m also tempted to move my salary back to RBS, either to Drummonds or to Child & Co.

I prefer the Marygold logo and love the history but Drummonds is just more recognisable! But ultimately it would just be for vanity rather than any actual benefit…

Yes, it is all about vanity, lol! RBS accounts are great - the online and mobile banking is really good and the net £3 a month reward is not to be sneezed at. The icing on the cake is that it is the only bank I’m aware of where you can withdraw money from an ATM without a card.

I wonder if people realise that RBS has a dedicated over-60’s telephone number? I’ve yet to use it, but have never had a problem talking to someone pretty quickly on the normal contact number when I’ve needed to.

NatWest/RBS is doing well. I am a ethical consumer and was pleased to read what Bank-green said about them:

“The good news is that your bank is not a leading fossil fuel funder and we have found positive evidence that they care about the environment.”

Glad my money goes into Chase for a similar reason

You may be getting confused.

no, the similar reason is similar in nature just for the polar opposite reason

Oh. Of course

You advocate the use of and investment in fossil fuels? I’m sure I must have that wrong!

Moving swiftly on, I’m always irritated that RBS (and Nat West) transactions are nearly always ‘pending’ until the overnight batch processing has been completed. It seems rather archaic and very non-fintech in this day and age.

As in card payments? Those are always pending with any bank. Or what transactions do you mean?

No, I’m specifically referring to Faster Payments. It’s expected with card payments.

I’m not sure whether you can see that a FP is pending in the app, but you can if you use Open Banking with e.g. Emma.

I don’t see how a faster payment can be pending when the funds are sent/received instantly. Probably a display issue with Emma?