Royal Bank of Scotland accounts

Holy shit I’m losing my mind. Filed a complaint and they’re trying to get me to use some software called Egress Switch (online) to do encrypted emails

But I need to sign up with this myself - just told them that I don’t want to use it, never agreed to use it and that it’s rubbish. Letter instead please

Maybe you should put a complaint in about them getting you to use a service that you don’t want to use

Some other organisation I dealt with wanted me to use Egress. It was fairly straightforward to sign up to and it’s encrypted so I don’t see the issue.

In fact I prefer it to banks that say “just email us all these sensitive documents over open email, please” or “just mail your passport to us”. Ridiculous.


Ford money did this to me and used the Gmail confidential mode, they said they could not open it, I told them it is straight forward they should follow instructions. They said no. Then asked me to send via email again without confidential mode, I also said no. They wanted documents that I think had to be sent that way but here we are, I am still waiting on them.

  1. they sent it to me without security now and it was nothing confidential. they just wanted to know the error
  2. they don’t allow access from other emails. I’m not signing up with the email I use for banks for… whatever that is

I would never mail/email my sensitive information, they can close the account or let me upload photos to a secure drive or use a provider like Yoti

My August statement is also still an RBS branded one. It’s not the end of the world but like you say may take some time to fully implement

Are we talking about app generated statements or is there another way to get them that were all not looking at?

PDF statements, which AFAIK can only be accessed via online banking.

Wonder who is going to take one for the team and ask RBS …

Ask what?

Rushed message, I meant to ask why some people have been migrated to branded statements and others haven’t. Sure that will bamboozle a poor soul in customer services…

The chances of that question getting a meaningful answer are nil, I suspect. I certainly can’t be bothered :smiley:

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You know what, same here :smile:

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My (previously purple) July statement is now Child & Co branded. Most likely a phased rollout of auto-generated vs uploading whatever goes to print.

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Just got this month’s PDF statement and mine’s Child & Co branded now :slight_smile:

Mine too and it’s viewable in app directly now

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Checked mine again in App and they are Child & Co branded now. Odd that via Browser they were still shown as RBS

Its good you can now access them via the app.

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Drummonds statement visible in app, not sure I will ever use the digital banking again!

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